Repairs and Upgrades



At Priceless Computing, we offer various repair services for Laptops and Desktop PCs which we carry out in our Glasgow based computer shops.

We perform extensive diagnostic tests before any repair and offer multiple options when available.





Current list of service charges

PC Builds

Custom PC Build

Service charge for Custom Desktop PC Build with Operating System Installation and Optimization (with Customer’s Components and OS License)

Starting from £45 for Entry Level Gaming and Home and Multimedia Desktop PCs. The price can increase depending on the complexity and time required to complete the Build.

Diagnostics service charge

RAM, HDD, PSU and temperature tests

Starting from £15 - depending on the time involved to pinpoint the cause of the issue with absolute certainty. Can be assimilated into the overall cost if the appropriate repair is going to be carried out.

Virus Removal Service

Virus removal service charge

Starting from £30. If the Operating System is badly infected with over 100 infections registered, a complete reinstallation is required with optional Data Recovery and Backup

Operating System Installation

Operating System Install

Factory Restore/ Reinstall Operating System (with Customer’s OS License) service charge

Starting from £30. Includes driver installation for Audio, Chipset, Graphics Card and Network Controllers. Data Recovery and Backup can be performed before the installation - files such as pictures and documents can be saved onto an External Storage Device for an additional cost. Programs and Program Files will not be saved and will need to be reinstalled as well.

Data Recovery

Data Recovery service charge

Starting from £25. Can be combined with the Factory Restore option and a discount of £10 can be applied if the data saved is less than 10GB. If data is to be retrieved from a Faulty Storage Device with Bad Sectors, the procedure might take up to 4 days. In this case, a new Storage Device will be needed to save the data onto. Prices vary depending on the health state and type of the Storage Device, the amount of data retrieved and the time required to retrieve and saved. For instance, retrieving data from an unresponsive  MacBook Air can cost more than £100, because it requires specific converters for the SSD itself and specific software to extract the data from the drive.

Component Installation

Desktop PC Component Replacement or Upgrade service charge

Starting from £15 for RAM modules and Storage Drives (HDDs and SSDs without Software installation). Graphics Card replacement requires Driver Installation and costs £20. Power Supply replacement starts from £15. Motherboard replacement starts from £30. Prices for multiple component replacements and upgrades will be assimilated into a single price and a discount will be applied.

Hardware Cleanup

Overheating PC

Service charge to resolve overheating - hardware clean-up on Desktop PCs

Starting from £20. A temperature test will be carried out before the repair in order to register the values. Dust removal and thermal paste replacement for CPU Cooler, and optionally the Graphics Card Cooler will be carried out. Depending on the type of the CPU and the state of the Cooler itself, as well as the temperature read-out after the clean-up, optional Air or Liquid Cooler Solutions can be offered for better performance and noise output.

Laptop Cleanup

Overheating Laptops

Service charge to resolve overheating - hardware clean-up on Laptops

Starting from £30. A temperature test will be carried out before the repair in order to register the values. Depending on the Laptop model a complete disassembly might be required in order to get access to the heatsink and fan. Dust removal from the heatsink and the fan and thermal paste replacement will be carried out. Depending on the state of the Fan, a compatible replacement might be required. After the clean-up and reassembly, additional temperature test will be carried out with Stress Test applied.

Laptop Screen Replacement

Laptop Screen Replacement

Screen replacement service charge for Laptops

Starting from £20. Screen disassembly will be carried out and options for compatible screens will be given. For most 15.6’’ Laptops, the screen costs around £60, so the total will be around £80. Prices differ depending on the type of the screen. Touch-enabled Laptop screen generally cost a lot more to fix - they have both the digitizer and screen merged together. MacBook screen replacements require a complete assembly of the screen which can cost more than £300 by itself and the starting cost to replace it is £60.

Laptop Keyboard Replacement

Laptop Keyboard Replacement

Keyboard replacement service charge for Laptops

Starting from £15. If a complete disassembly is required the labour cost can be more than £45. MacBook keyboard replacement also requires complete disassembly and some models such as A1502 won’t have the same keyboard integrity as before - meaning some of the keys might be slightly shallow when pressed. This can be resolved with a new top panel with the keyboard riveted into it.

Laptop Charging Port Replacement

Repair Laptop Charging Port

Charging Port replacement service charge for Laptops

Starting from £45. Depending on the type of the Charging Port and the complexity of the repair carried. Charging ports can be either connected with a cable to the Motherboard, soldered onto it, or soldered onto a Power Daughter Board. Disassembly of the Laptop will be carried out and Voltmeter check will be performed in order to see whether the Charging Port is faulty. Typical Charging Port component cost for older mainstream Laptops is around £5 to £10. Newer models or some very rare models might have Charging Ports component cost of over £25.

If you require a service not listed above, please contact us via email @ [email protected], via facebook messenger @ or call us on 01414203735.